Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UNC Chapel Hill


I can't believe it's already August and school starts in just a few weeks. But with the stress of new homework assignments and projects comes one of our faves, football season! Dressing for a collegiate sporting event, especially one that's outdoors and starts in August in the blistering heat, can be a challenge. And then let's not even talk about football games in the winter. It's even harder dressing for cold weather but Truly Yours is on top of it, so stay tuned for those posts in a couple months. OK, so back to the heat. Ugh. Your clothing choices have to be practical yet school-spirited and on trend. With so many t-shirts bearing your school logo, it's hard to pass them up! Enter our new series about what fashionable college ladies can wear to their school's games featuring fun and flirty Truly Yours pieces. First up, UNC Chapel Hill. (Other schools to follow: NC State, ECU and App State. We've got you covered, too.) Truly Yours has some major school spirit in stock right now, including the Tarheel Born Dress and Moon Rock Necklace in Blue in that gorgeous blue color that you lucky UNC ladies get to wear. Depending on how your hair does in the heat, like mine which frizzes like crazy, it's a good idea to maybe pull it back and out of your face into some cute braids, still on trend from last year. Add a bag with a pop of color and that same Tarheel blue to keep it together. Finally, if you can wear heels to a football game then more power to you! But standing for long periods of time is hard on your feet. Try some cute sandals instead with trendy thicks straps. Wedges would also be a good choice!

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