Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Truly Trendy: animal print

animal print

              Khakis and greys are both neutrals and they go with everything, which is why we like them! (Easy, peasy.) But they can be boring and monotonous. And being as easy as they are, it might look like you didn't try hard enough when getting dressed this morning. Animal print, on the other hand, is fierce and daring. You're going to get noticed as soon as you walk into any room. But did you know it's also a neutral? That's right, cheetah, leopard, zebra, and snakeskin prints go with everything, including Truly Yours. Like these two outfits, for example. On the left, I paired the Twist and Shout Tank with some flashy leopard printed shorts. The fun, bright yellow of the tank compliments the bold shorts and the back adds a surprise detailed element. Even printed accessories match the animal print neutral! Add my personal fave, the Weekend Warrior Necklace in Blue (shown in the picture) and some black wedge sandals with more neutral colors. On the right, I used animal print merely as an accessory, but it clearly takes the outfit to a whole 'nother level. Pair an animal print belt, like the cheetah one above, with our Tractr Jeans in White to really make it pop. Then, whichever color top you want to wear is up to you. Anything goes! I chose our NEW Carter Finley Cutie Tank (it's not just for tailgating!) because of the bold red. Blue accessories help mellow the outfit out, like our also NEW Rumor Has it Necklace in Light Blue, which also comes in red, green and dark blue.

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